At GPMI we are a cross-disciplinary team that focuses on a diverse range of needs our clients require we started as Tax consultants, also know as tax advisors, we are experts in tax law, planning and compliance. We serve clients by staying current on new tax law and positioning taxpayers for short and long term tax optimization. We prepare tax returns, as well as working closely with our clients throughout the year to ensure our clients' tax liability is minimized.

Our founder believes being strong written and verbal communicators enable's GPMI to explain tax law and strategies in a way that is accessible and easy for clients to understand. Our duties include:

  • Conducting research on tax laws
  • Strategizing with clients to minimize tax liability
  • Communicating with clients to explain tax issues
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Estate planning
  • Keeping clients compliant with their tax obligations

We always endeavour to communicate our research and findings which may include changes in tax laws that create opportunities for new tax strategy. A well-written and concise email is often the most effective means of disseminating information to our clients and as GPMI not only are we efficient and fast but we deliver.

What Is the Difference Between a Good and a Bad Consultant?

I’ll give you an example about Henry Ford. When he ran Ford Motor Company and they were at the absolute peak, he would take a prospective executive, somebody who he was contemplating hiring, out to lunch. And if that potential executive salted his or her food before they tasted it, he would not hire them, because he thought somebody would make a decision impetuously without really assessing the problem, probably was dangerous.

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